About A & A Construction Co. Inc.

A & A Construction Co. Inc. started as Mountain Top Welding in 1988, providing professional welding service to the natural gas industry. As time passed, the business expanded into the construction and trucking industry and in 2001, A & A Construction Co. Inc. was formed in order to better serve the growing natural gas industry. A & A Construction now provides gas field related services such as vac and water trucks, winch trucks, dump trucks, as well as pipeline and well pad construction. A & A Construction is located in central Pennsylvania and is the only natural gas service company in the area that has over twenty-eight years of experience in the industry.

A & A Construction takes pride in completing each project with the highest standard of professional quality and safety, and it follows all rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania DEP and USDOT. A & A has a comprehensive safety program for all employees that emphasizes both personal safety and the safety of the general public. To see our list of services, click on “Services”.


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